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Winter/Spring Classes 2019

ArtQuest School of Art & Design 

Summer Arts '19
Class at the ArtQuest School

For 31 years, the ArtQuest school has provided formal art training to gifted and talented children, teens, and adults.  We feature small classes in a fun and idyllic setting where students can expect to develop REAL skills.  Our program has received widespread recognition, and was honored by Florida Governor Lawton Chiles for excellence in developmental arts education.

Join us for a unique experience at one of three locations:  Gregory Grant's private studio on his horse farm in west Ormond Beach, Arts on Granada in downtown Ormond Beach, or at Etrusca Gallery in downtown Daytona Beach.

The Biggest and Best Scholarships Available


Please call first before registering to confirm availability of classes and workshops!
Thank you!    Greg Grant:  (386) 871-9906

formal art training for all ages

Just want to try a one or two day workshop?​​

Classes for Adults - Preregistration Required

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Oil  Painting Supply List
Drawing Supply List
Drawing and Painting, September - May, $125
​Special Summer Scheduling Available - please call
Intermediate to Advanced 
Greg Grant, Instructor

Mondays at the ArtQuest Studio, 9:00am -12noon
Tuesdays at Arts on Granada,  9:00am -12noon
Wednesdays at Arts on Granada, 9:00am -12noon
​Thursdays at the ArtQuest Studio, 9:00am -12:00noon
Fridays at Etrusca Gallery, 10:00am - 1:00pm
$125 for 4 consecutive classes
​Classes are ongoing, students may start any time 

Students are required to commit to at least 4 consecutive classes, and may choose weekly classes or any combination of days.   Missed classes may be made up at alternative locations.  This instruction is for all levels.
Beginners may be required to start with drawing to facilitate better proficiency as most painting issues are not painting problems at all, they are drawing problems.  While ArtQuest classes are relaxing and enjoyable, our goal is to help students develop REAL skills in all traditional subject matter:  nature/landscape, portraiture, still life, etc.  We address classic materials and methods as well as contemporary approaches to oil painting and help students understand and utilize light, composition, perspective, color, and more.  Only non-toxic solvents and mediums are used in these classes.  Instruction in acrylics by request. 

Instructor Gregory Graham Grant is an internationally known portrait and nature artist with works found in public and private collections throughout the world.    

Not just a recreational diversion - learn REAL skills!

Classes for Adults and Teens

Wood Burning, $110
Beginners through Intermediate
Age 13 to Adult
Mary Unson, Instructor

​Beginning June 2nd: 
Sundays at Arts on Granada: 1:00-3:00pm
Ongoing, Start Any Sunday (advance registration required)

In this ongoing class, beginning students will become familiar with the tools and techniques unique to the art of pyrography, or wood burning.  Join well-known professional wood burning artist Mary Unson for an amazing experience in burning images directly on to the surface of wood.  Hang your work on the wall, wear it as jewelry, burn on to wooden plates, plaques, furniture, so much more.  Students will purchase wood surfaces directly from the instructor.  All other tools are provided.  Register today to begin creating your timeless heirlooms!  Must commit to 4 classes and may continue indefinitely.
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Classes for Children and Teens

Click Here for Summer Arts '19

Winter/Spring 2019

​​Color & Creative Design, age 6-12, $110

Mondays at the ArtQuest Studio:  4:30-6:20pm, 1/7 to 2/11 
also offered:  2/25 to 4/1, and 4/15 to 5/20 
Channah Lohman, Instructor

Tuesdays at the ArtQuest Studio:  4:30-6:20pm, 1/8 to 2/12
also offered:  2/26 to 4/2, and 4/16 to 5/21 
Anna Marquette, Instructor

Wednesdays at the ArtQuest Studio:  4:30-6:20pm, 1/9 to 2/13
also offered:  2/27 to 4/3, and 4/17 to 5/22
Darla McGrath, Instructor

Students will complete several fun projects in drawing, painting,
and 3D mixed media.  This course is designed as an introduction
to formal art instruction for the younger student.  Creativity is 
encouraged while children develop a sense of design, balance, and
color.  Recommended for all beginning students.  May be repeated
as each course will reinforce knowledge with varying activities.


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Color & Creative Design Class

​​Drawing for Beginners / Younger Children, age 6-11  $110​​

Mondays at Arts on Granada:
4:30-6:20pm, 1/7 to 2/11
also offered:  2/25 to 4/1,  and 4/15 to 5/20
Anna Marquette, Instructor

Tuesdays at the ArtQuest Studio:  
4:30-6:20pm, 1/8 to 2/12 
also offered:  2/26 to 4/2, and  4/16 to 5/21
Channah Lohman, Instructor

​Children always enjoy this class, as they are introduced to formal training in a fun and engaging manner.  Our program stimulates visual awareness while helping kids develop REAL skills.  Learning to measure for proportions, seeing shadows and highlights, composition, and developing control of the medium are the primary elements we work on with children.  Our instructors will lead students in draw-along sessions featuring different subjects each time.  After the daily draw-along segment, students have free-draw time, where creative choices are combined with classroom learning.  This class is designed to be on-going for young artists, and they are encouraged to take as much drawing as possible.  Reinforcement, synthesis, and practice are the vital components for dynamic visual learning, nurtured by creativity and freedom of choice.  Learning is an evolutionary process, with personal growth building and compounding with each lesson.  The "aha" moments come at different times for each young child, as they are all complex and unique individuals, with brains processing information in different ways.  We understand this, and therefore limit our class sizes to guarantee individual attention.  Drawing and Color & Creative Design are both required as prerequisites to the Painting class with Gregory Grant.​​

Children's drawing class
Children's drawing class
Drawing instruction for children
Children's art class
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Drawing, Intermediate to Advanced, age 10 & up,  $110

Tuesdays at Arts on Granada:  4:30-6:20pm, 1/8 to 2/12 
also offered:  2/26 to 4/2, and 4/16 to 5/21
Greg Grant, Instructor

Thursdays at the ArtQuest Studio:  4:30-6:20pm, 1/10 to 2/14,
also offered:  2/28 to 4/4, and 4/18 to 5/23
Greg Grant, Instructor

Fridays at Etrusca Gallery:  4:00-5:50pm, 4/19 to 5/31 (no class 5/3)
Greg Grant, Instructor

Drawing is one of the most important classes we offer, as it is the basis for
all forms of visual interpretation.  This class is for serious students who wish
to improve profeciency while working independently in charcoal, pastel,
graphite, pen & ink/watercolor, etc. from photos and direct observation. 
(The use of photos is for reference only.  For finished works, students are
expected to significantly change the intended context  of such photos to
coincide with their own original design).  Composition, dynamic and
sensitive mark-making, light, proportion, perspective, and creative content
are all emphasized comensurate with the level of the student.  They will
explore subjects which will challenge them at whatever skill level they have
attained.   Greg Grant also provides specialty training for high school
students interested in taking AP Art, and for students who need to build
portfolios for college admissions.

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Pastel drawing for teens
Drawing classes for teens
Portrait drawing in charcoal

Figure Drawing, age 16-adult, $110  Daily rate:  $25

​Greg Grant, Instructor
Dates to be announced

This is a collegiate-level figure drawing class designed to give
serious students exposure to working from the nude model. 
Traditional croquis (quick pose) sessions from real time video
and stills of the draped and undraped figure will help to prepare students for
their first life class experience in college.  Life drawing is a vital part of visual
art education, and required of college art majors. 

Excellent for college prep, and for potential AP Studio Art students. 

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Jewelry Design for Kids, age 6-12,  $130 (includes all supplies)
Channah Lohman, Instructor
Thursdays at the ArtQuest Studio:  1/10 to 2/14
also offered:  2/28 to 4/4,  and 4/18 to 5/23

Students will learn design basics using beads, wire, cord, gemstones, and found objects to create one of a kind bracelets, necklaces, earrings (age appropriate), anklets, and more.   Emphasis on bead stringing, wire wrapping , use of jump rings, pins, and jewelry tools will enable students to create many wearable treasures! 

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Painting, Acrylic*, age 9-18,  $110
Mondays at the ArtQuest Studio:  4:30-6:20pm,   1/7 to 2/11
also offered:  2/25 to 4/1,  and 4/15 to 5/20 
Greg Grant, Instructor

Wednesdays at Arts on Granada:  4:30-6:30pm, 1/9 to 2/13
also offered:  2/27 to 4/3, and  4/17 to 5/22
Greg Grant, Instructor

Fridays at Etrusca Gallery:  4:00-5:50pm, 4/19 to 5/31 (no class 5/3)
Greg Grant, Instructor

Using non-toxic acrylic paints, students achieve remarkable results with traditional techniques on canvas.  Color mixing/theory, materials and methods, and application of drawing skills are stressed for first time painters, while more experienced students are encouraged to try increasingly creative and advanced projects.  This is a great
class to prepare students for high school AP Art.  Please note that the ArtQuest School provides formal art training for serious children, teens, and adults wishing to improve skill levels.  *Prerequisites:  Drawing for all students.  Younger students must exhibit maturity and must also have taken Color & Creative Design.

Painting classes for children
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Acrylic painting instruction for teens
Painting classes for teens

Oil Painting for Teens*  $110
Register as an oil painting student in any
of the acrylic classes taught by Greg Grant. 

​​Students will do a self-portrait or classic still life painting in oil from direct observation.  Traditional oil painting methods are taught, emphasizing many important cognates such as drawing and measuring, craftsmanship, composition, color theory and paint mixing, the understanding of light and form, and finally, the utilization of visual metaphors which define the creative thought process.  Oils are rich and buttery, and allow for beautiful gradations and glazes because of the extended drying time.  We take care to teach safe and proper techniques to students to ensure that their masterpieces will last for centuries.  Only non-toxic oils, solvents, and mediums are allowed at the ArtQuest studio.
​​*For advanced students.  Excellent for college prep, and for potential AP Studio Art students.

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Oil painting for teens
Portraits in oil classes for teens

Sculpture, age 9-15,  $150 (includes all supplies)
Darla McGrath, Instructor
Thursdays at Arts on Granada:  4:30-6:20pm
4/18 to 5/23 

We are pleased to offer this special class
with sculptor Darla McGrath.  Students will
get a good foundation in hand-building 
applications, working with a new non-toxic
clay which hardens without firing.  From
modeling techniques to building support
armatures and bases, this is an excellent class
for high school 3D Studio Art preparation.
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Saturday Morning Workshops

Various teachers offering 1 day workshops! 
Join us for fun activities for children, teens, and adults!  We offer workshops in drawing, painting, jewelry design, woodburning, photography, fine crafts, and more.  
Many of the workshops are suitable for family time activities, where others may be age-specific.  Locations as indicated at the ArtQuest Studio or at Arts on Granada.

Click here for the Saturday Morning Workshops calendar:

Saturday Morning Workshops

Flyers of previous workshops!

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