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Leeway Trail Maintenance of the Unpaved Section

Hello friends and neighbors.  

It's time to get organized on the maintenance of our main road, Leeway Trail.  With Florida weather patterns returning to  wetter, stormier episodes, we must join together to protect our way of life.  There have been times, as you are well aware, that Leeway has been almost impassable.  

The problem is the lack of a stormwater drainage system,  although we all  pay our local government for this.  My wife and I have been paying these fees for the 20 years we have been here, yet because the City of Ormond Beach considers our road private,  the responsibility falls on us, the property owners, to maintain the road.  
Unfortunately, our ditches have become filled from the displaced road material, leaving no place for the water to drain to.  All we can do is fill these craters by scraping the road, akin to adding yet another "band-aid" .   It only takes a few weeks for the road to get ugly again and sometimes dangerous after a storm.  We can't control the weather, but we can be prepared for safe ingress and egress, particularly in the event of an evacuation if we can work together.
We each own the road in front of our properties.  When the road gets graded, or ditches cleared out,  it's one of 5 or so of us doing it at our own expense, not the city, not the county.  Some of us have paid for fill material, only to see it end up in the ditches or on easements which get built up higher than the road.  I urge anyone with a tractor, box blade, or other equipment to meet  to determine an equitable solution where we can each take turns on the road.  It isn't fair for a small group of us to subsidize the entire community, and while we appreciate a friendly wave as you drive by as we work, a wave isn't enough!  For those of you who would like to help in some way, a contribution towards diesel fuel, road base, and/or rental equipment would be greatly appreciated.  We need to retain a Grade-All to dig out the ditches, and either replace or unclog culverts.  Once we formally organize, I will create an online link for users of Leeway Trail to easily contribute to these costs with a secure debit or credit card transaction.  We will need an oversight committee to disburse these funds for fuel costs to those of us who volunteer our time and equipment.  My hope is that we can collect enough money to have our ditches and culverts done without unfairly burdening the few who have borne the expenses and provided the labor for so long. 

If you appreciate having a passable road, please do your part.  Every little bit will help!       
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